Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama: More Rounds to Fight

Obama's wisely and not-so-subtlely reminding the super delegates that he is far more likely to beat McCain:

In a 20-minute news conference at an airport hotel, before Mr. Obama flew back to Washington, he urged voters – and, more specifically, the party super delegates – to begin thinking about how Democrats would take on Senator John McCain of Arizona, the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

The race, he said, could turn on independent-minded voters.

“If you’ve got a lot of voters who are choosing between me and McCain, but not choosing between McCain and Senator Clinton, then we’ve got a problem,” Mr. Obama said. “And that’s part of what the super delegates are going to have to consider is who matches up best with a John McCain, who can appeal to independents in an effective way and who can even peel off some Republicans.”


CHICAGO -– On the morning after Super Tuesday, as ballots were still being counted in some states and delegates were still being tripled-checked, Senator Barack Obama conceded -– reluctantly -– the term “underdog” may no longer be an apt description.

“We are less of an underdog than we were two weeks ago,” Mr. Obama told reporters here. “Two weeks ago, we were a big underdog, now we’re a slight underdog.”

In a news conference here today, Mr. Obama walked through the election results from the biggest day of the 2008 Democratic presidential race. He professed it to be an “extraordinary night,” but continued to assert that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton holds the advantages in the protracted fight for the nomination.


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