Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Memories of Obama's mother

I sent my mom the article below about Obama's mother's high school days and learned that my mother went to a nearby high school in Seattle only 2-3 years beforehand.  My mom's comments:

I googled the name “Stanley Dunham” and sure enough, there are several articles about Obama’s mom.  I read the one in the Chicago Tribune from 27 March ’07 which is very detailed and sounds factual since it is an account of her classmates.  The story is fascinating and fills in lots of holes that the media has missed.  Turns out that Mom Obama was Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and spent 4-5 years at Mercer Island High School.  I can easily relate to those days and understand how she became a maverick and married Barack Sr.  Those were sort of the pre-hippie days and the Northwest had its share of politicized young adults.  After all, I packed off to Peace Corps in ’62 (and my alternative plan was to go south and ride buses in the civil rights movement) and married your dad – not exactly Obama’s mom’s story, but unconventional nevertheless.


Memories of Obama's mother

Seattle Times staff columnist

This is going to sound strange, Maxine Box says, but 50 years later, she can't forget it:

Barack Obama's mother used to crack her knuckles."Constantly," Box told me as we sat in her Bellevue home on the eve of Super Tuesday, talking about Stanley Dunham, the girl with the man's name and the son who could be president of the United States.

Box, 65, was Dunham's best friend at Mercer Island High School, where they were members of the Class of 1960.


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